A documentary film about a few out of 669 children rescued by Sir Nicholas Winton from the hands of the Nazis


NICKY'S FAMILY is an emotional retelling of the remarkable efforts one man took to rescue 669 Czech children from death during WWII. Sir Nicholas Winton was a young English businessman at the time; but when chance brought him to Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, he put aside his own pursuits and began organizing the many children of Jewish refugees to escape Nazi clutches. Once he had appointed himself the authority for such matters, Winton went to work arranging transport and placing these children in English homes.

Winton did not betray his own emotions, dutifully pursuing the cause of compassion with reserve, as Jewish parents mournfully sent their beloved children to safety in his hands. While this emotional journey of sacrifice is moving in its own right, the greater value of director Matej Mináč’s work is the exploration of where the survivors are now. Winton's legacy is one of self-sacrifice and humility that touches far more lives than anyone could ever have hoped. ~ Cleveland International Film Festival